Jared Spool has been active in the UX industry since the 80’s which is considerable given the UX industry began hitting its full stride back in 2014. Jared’s claim to fame came with the design behind the $300M button, but he has also been quite busy on a number of other design business endeavors.
Jared launched his User Interface Engineering (UIE) company back in 1988. With a strong foundation in software engineering up to that point, he knew what was missing in the marketplace, a way to make better digital products.
After 28 years of serving thousands of clients, UIE merged with Spool’s co-founded educational company Center Centre in 2012 with Leslie Jensen-Inman. With an interesting name like that, it’s hard to forget.
Spool has also been actively engaged in developing design events for 22 years and counting with the User Interface Conference, the newer UX Immersion: Interactions and UI23.